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10 sessions to feel it, 20 to see it, 30 to change your body!


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We offer a variety of Pay as You Go Passes as well as a variety of Monthly Membership options.

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We offer a choice of over 60 classes a week and more than 40 of those are hot classes.

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holistic workout


reduce stress and calm your mind


energise your body


improve your self awareness

holistic workout

Yoga is more than an exercise form alone and, with its many benefits on whole body health, has often been referred to as exercise therapeutics. Various postures stimulate the body’s internal glands and organs, whilst focus on the breath and bodily awareness assist in mind body connection.

balance and flexibility

The benefits of yoga are extensive as are its many forms. With our Hatha Yoga Classes time is given to the body through performing various postures (asanas) that strengthen and tone, whilst encouraging balance and flexibility.

reduce stress

Included in these classes is focus on breath, meditation and chakra balancing, improving self-awareness, and releasing stress.

mind body and spirit

Our Hatha Yoga classes improve the mind, body, spirit connection so they are great for those who want more than just a work out! If this sounds like you why not book your first class today!

I’ve been doing PT for years, but never felt as good as I do now, so much more flexibility and strength!

SC, Battersea

I love yoga and pilates, but now I’ve tried it hot I’m hooked!

LD, Battersea