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Prices for Mat, Fitness and Reformer Classes

Monthly Memberships (not incl. Reformers)

Monthly memberships are a great option to try out a number of classes and see which ones you prefer. It is also a great way to get fit in a short period of time. Monthly memberships are a great option if you plan to do two or more sessions per week. Cost effective and convenient: no topping up your pass constantly with more credits.


Monthly option payment is collected automatically each month. Membership is for a minimum initial period of 3 months.  After the initial period you can give one month’s notice at any time.  Peak and Off-peak options include unlimited hot and unheated classes.  The cost per class pricing for peak are based on attending 2-3 times per week, but you can come as many times a week as you like: we have members who visit up to 5 times a week! PLEASE NOTE THE REFORMER CLASSES ARE NOT INCLUDED IN ANY OF THESE DEALS!

5 Class Rolling Mat

  • 5 class Rolling Mat.

5 Class Rolling Reformer

  • 5 Class Rolling Reformer

TERMS AND CONDITIONS – Rolling Discounts

Two cycles minimum required. As a rolling contract it will be debited accordingly.


1 Class Pass

£18 - 23/class
  • One heated or unheated class (yoga/yogapilates/pilates, barre concept, kettle) £18 CLICK TO BUY
  • One reformer pilates class £23 CLICK TO BUY

10 Class Passes

26 weeks
  • 10 (hot and unheated) classes within 26 weeks for £150 – CLICK TO BUY
  • 10 (Reformer Pilates) classes within 26 weeks for £200 – CLICK TO BUY