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Listen to Sahera Chohan speak about the importance of intention, courage, purpose and self-belief.

Sahera Chohan is an inspiring and dynamic author, speaker, facilitator and coach. She has worked in the field of personal and leadership development for 27 years, both with corporate organisations and in the public arena. She helps people to live from their best selves, by having the courage to authentically connect with themselves, with others and with life.

She is currently writing her first book, ‘Life Lessons ~ Through The Grit To The Pearl’, outlining her belief that life in all its forms is a gift, that every single experience we have, whether we like it or not, is precisely designed for our learning, growth and evolution.

In this interview discover:
What tends to stop us going for our dreams and goals,
The importance of self-belief,
Why a lack of money, qualifications, should not stop you,
Why is courage so crucial for living a happy and fulfilling life.