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Listen to this free podcast with Rasheed Ogunlaru on his latest book Soul Trader.

Rasheed Ogunlaru is a leading life coach, motivational speaker & business / corporate coach. He is author of inspiring range of books including his latest called Soul Trader. For more info visit www.soul-trader.biz/

Whether you have started a business or thinking of starting very soon Soul Trader helps you connect with your personal mission, values and passion to create a ‘stand out from the crowd’ business that enriches you both financially and emotionally. In this podcast discover some of the essential principles to help you start or build a business sensitive to today’s economic and social realities. In this podcast you will hear Rasheed talk about:

*The elements involved in moving from an employee mindset to a soul trader,
*The challenges and benefits of being/becoming a soul trader.
*The essential ingredients you need in place to build a business your clients will love.
*The importance of clarity and courage to get you moving in the right direction.