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Listen to this free podcast interview with E.J. Shaffert, author of Feng Shui and Money, and director of the London School of Feng Shui www.fengshuitraining.co.uk/

E.J. Shaffert is psychotherapist and feng shui author/consultant/teacher. Originally from NYC, and now based in London, he has been advising as a feng shui consultant for 15 years.

E J is the author of Feng Shui and Money, which shows the connection between the energetics of your environment and your financial condition. He has advised for a wide diverse range of clients, including a major fashion label and a descendent of French aristocracy.

Currently, EJ is the director of the London School of Feng Shui, which offers a one’-year training program that meets the first Saturday each month, with a new term beginning in December, 2015.

On this podcast you will discover:
*What is Feng Shui and how does it work?
*What is the Bagua, and how can it help redefine your space?
*Simple tips to clear and enhance the space you live or work in.