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7 Things to Expect In Your 1st Pilates Reformer Session

If this is your first Pilates Reformer session then we thought we’d let you know what to expect.


  • Expect a free session. If this is your first session then expect to get it for free!
  • Expect a Sequential Workout. When you walk into a Pilates studio it can be overwhelming. There is Reformer machine with all the moving parts and springs and things! But do not worry, you will learn very quickly that Pilates is a sequential workout. You will learn how to use each piece of equipment at your own pace. You will move through the exercises in a slow and safe manner.
  • Expect to flow.  Pilates is based on 5 principles: concentration, control centring, precision, flow, breathing. Expect to hear your instructors calming and structured count to help you flow through the exercises.
  • Expect to be asked questions. Pilates is a workout fit for everyone. You may have started your practice to gain strong abs, rehabilitate an injury, stay healthy during your pregnancy, to stay young and fit, or to gain more overall balance and flexibility. Whatever the reason, your instructor is going to want to know! The more they know, the more you benefit.
  • Expect to feel your abdominals. You might think you have no ab muscles but after this session you will think again! Here you will be introduced to your abs and learn how can engage them to create length in your spine.
  • Expect to feel weird. Remember this is brand new. You might be moving parts of your body in a way you’ve never moved them before. Don’t fret – by your second session, you will already be familiar with some of the exercises.
  • Expect to move. No time to get bored here. You will move around to different apparatus throughout your session. Enjoy the movement experience and don’t worry about mastering anything on your first session. The Pilates method is a learning process!