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10 sessions to feel it, 20 to see it, 30 to change your body!


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We offer a choice of over 60 classes a week and more than 40 of those are hot classes.

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improve your posture


condition your core


prevent or rehabilitate injuries


great for pre and post natal

Improve posture, strength and flexibility

Pilates is an increasingly popular whole body conditioning work out that’s famous for improving posture, core strength and flexibility. Pilates has a long list of benefits beyond these, and is in fact very useful for both injury rehabilitation and prevention.

Full recovery

Originally the brain child of Joseph Pilates, Mr Pilates created this exercise style, ultimately fast tracking many people from their hospital beds to full recovery! Pilates is noted to improve overall health and wellbeing, now we are offering you the chance to experience these same benefits.

All ages and fitness levels

Pilates is great for all ages and fitness levels, so if we have piqued your interest, book a class today!

I’ve been doing PT for years, but never felt as good as I do now, so much more flexibility and strength!

SC, Battersea