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Whole Body Workout

Our classic Yoga and Pilates styles classes are designed to stretch, strengthen and tone every area of your body whilst also focussing on the mind body connection. You will leave feeling like you’ve had a great workout, calm, de-stressed, and ready for a great night’s sleep! Endorsed by celebrities and athletes alike, the immense popularity of these two classics speaks for itself; why not join now and reap the endless benefits yourself!

Suitable for All Levels and Abilities

In each class our friendly and expert instructors guide you through a series of exercises. Variations and adaptations for all levels and abilities are provided, ensuring our classes are the perfect option for both beginners and experts.

Group Motivation

Opt for our studio classes at Clapham Common and you will benefit from practising with a like-minded people in a friendly, supportive, and motivating environment.

Varied and Stimulating

For those who like a little added variety, we offer a range of classic yoga and pilates style classes including:

  • Pilates
  • Yoga
  • YogaPilates
  • Barre Concept.

We also offer heated yoga and pilates style classes including:

  • Hot Pilates
  • Hot Yoga
  • Hot YogaPilates
  • Hot Yoga for Beginners
  • Hot Pilates for Beginners
  • Warm Rejuvenating Yoga