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Why Hot Fitness?

Have you ever wondered how Andy Murray stayed in shape to become our first winner of Men’s Wimbledon for 77 years, or how Daniel Craig managed to fit into those swimming trunks? We suspect their fitness regimes vary on many levels – but the one thing they do have in common? Hot Yoga! And they’re not the only ones who have jumped on the Hot Yoga bandwagon – all manner of celebrities and athletes alike have too, from Elle Macpherson to various Olympic athletes, and several Football and Rugby teams.

But what are the benefits? Does the heat really make a difference?

The answer to that question is simple – yes. The high temperatures (between 35°c to 43°c depending on the class) allow you to stretch your muscles further, reducing the risk of injuries and guaranteeing results! The list of health benefits are endless, from improved circulation and improved healing ability to easing bodily pains, strains and stresses. Even the increased sweating is good for you – acting as an excellent detox!

Hot Pilates and Hot Yoga

And then of course there are the long accepted benefits to your mind – fighting stress and insomnia by inducing relaxation and encouraging sleep by calming and soothing your adrenal system and nerves. The normal and plentiful benefits of Yoga are amplified in Hot Yoga!

Hot Pilates is another up and coming favourite in the fitness world. Whilst Yoga focuses largely on flexibility and breathing to improve both your physical and mental wellbeing and creating harmony in your body, Pilates concentrates on developing core muscles, strength and flexibility. Supported by the likes of Madonna and Jennifer Anniston, Pilates has a long list of health benefits which make it worth while, and once more Hot Pilates serves to amplify the natural health benefits of Pilates.

Additional Health Benefits

Additional health benefits that come purely from the added heat include:

  • Detoxification – the additional sweating, believe it or not, is actually beneficial! The body can release its inner toxins, allowing for rehydration,
  • Healthier connective tissue – the heat allows the body to stretch more, and lubricate your body’s connective tissue, ultimately giving you greater flexibility and energy,
  • A healthier immune system – hot temperatures are not suitable conditions for viruses to thrive, allowing your body better ability to fight infections. Additionally, the heat increases your body’s production of white blood cells, which also fight infection,
  • Weight loss – the sweating alone will lose you some weight each time, but more substantially, the stretching builds more muscle, burning more fat and increasing weight loss. If paired with one of our recommended diet plans, the effect will be even faster!

And we’re not the only ones talking about it! Check out these articles in the Daily Mail, where Hot Yoga is praised for its benefits and Hot Pilates is dubbed ‘the hottest craze of 2013!’

Daily Mail Health Article on Hot Yoga

Daily Mail Article – Hot Pilates – The Hottest Craze for 2013

But unlike many other studios, we are in the relatively unique position of offering not just Hot Yoga, but Hot Pilates and Hot YogaPilates as well!

So if you live in the Clapham area (London SW4 near the common or thereabouts) why not give it a try, and see what the fuss is about?