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10 sessions to feel it, 20 to see it, 30 to change your body!

More Than Just Yoga and Pilates

We offer a variety of heated Yoga, Pilates and our very own fusion Hot YogaPilates classes. Also available unheated. For those who prefer to spice it up without cranking the heat, we have Barre and Kettle Pilates as well as Reformer Pilates classes – great ways to combine the most current fitness trends to build your fitness, de-stress and live fully.



so we are offering you 30 days of mat classes for £40
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We offer a variety of Pay as You Go Passes as well as a variety of Monthly Membership options.

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We offer a choice
of mat classes and reformers.

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faster results and increased calorie burning


detox every class and transform your body


manage back pain and boost injury recovery


improve your sport performance and endurance

Suitable for All Levels and Abilities

In each class our friendly and expert instructors guide you through a series of exercises, providing variations and adaptations for all levels and abilities. There’s always plenty of time for individual attention and advice, even during peak hours as we never have more than 26 in a room.

Whole Body Workout

Our classes are designed to stretch, strengthen, and tone every area of your body while some also focus on the mindbody connection. You’ll leave feeling like you’ve had a great workout, calm, de-stressed, and ready for anything!

Detox and injury recovery

Hot classes provide a great detox by sweating out toxins as you exercise. If you have any injuries or pain the infra-red heat can help by penetrating deep into your tissues; promoting healing and reducing pain.

I have Rheumathoid Arthiritis, and after doing the hot classes I don’t feel pain in my joints anymore.

SE, Catford

Bright and Social Studio on Clapham High Street

Conveniently located on Clapham High Street, this bright and airy studio is already creating a buzz among the locals.  Our dynamic style classes have been designed to attain maximum effect. In a fun and funky atmosphere our friendly expert tutors will put you through your paces to a leaner, stronger body.

We are just minutes from Clapham Common station. If you enjoy the added motivation of group workouts then we may be the perfect fit! Why not take advantage of our introductory offer and see for yourself?

Excellent Prices

An incredible 30 days for just £40 as an introductory offer. Ready to continue your journey with us? We also offer a variety of Pay as You Go Passes and a variety of Monthly Membership options. Just click the button below to view details.



so we are offering you 30 days of mat classes for £40
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I love yoga and pilates, but now I’ve tried it hot I’m hooked!

LD, Battersea

I’ve been doing PT for years, but never felt as good as I do now, so much more flexibility and strength!

SC, Battersea

Added Benefits of Infra-Red Heat

Hot classes improve flexibility faster; muscles relax more in the heat, allowing you to get deeper into stretches sooner than you would in an unheated class.


For those who like a little added variety, we offer not only classic (unheated) Pilates, and Yoga classes but also our very own fusion of the two, YogaPilates, as well as Barre Concept – for the body of a ballerina without the tutu!

Kettle Pilates

Kettlebell Pilates is a relatively new workout routine that combines the core-strengthening focus of Pilates with the intense muscle building and cardiovascular benefits of kettlebells.

Reformer Pilates Rocks!

We offer a dynamic reformer class that will teach you to use muscles you may never knew you had? It’s great for: stretching, strengthening, and toning your muscles in a balanced and functional way.